[Anime] Gakkou Gurashi – 06

I had tears in this episode .. but that does not mean that it was not a good one!

This episode is a flashback. We will follow how the girls met Miki, and the little dog Taroumaru.
I start from where Miki and her best friend Kei has barricaded themselves inside a room in the shopping center, to protect themselves from the undead outside. They eat, sleep and spend their time there, but for Kei everything is not okay. She does not want to stay there any longer, she wishes to be outside again. 
Miki is devastated and worried about Kei’s decision. 
One day Kei decides to leave the room and go outside again. Miki can’t really stop her.
Before Kei leaves she gives Miki her precious cd-player and waves goodbye. 
Miki is now alone, and later the dog escapes through a ventilation in the wall and disappears.
The three friends Yuki, Kurumi and Yuuri embrace the courage and goes outside and take a drive to the mall to buy food and supplies. While being there enjoying their time, Yuki hear a voice echoing trough the mall.
They decide to check out where the voice came from, is there any another survivor there?
Yes of course, it’s Miki. Taroumaru that escaped, had met Yuki while guarding a can of food, that also Yuki had layed her eyes on. Yuki falls in love with the adorable dog.
The dog barked and showed the girls the way to Miki.
The girls rescues Miki and take her back to the school, making her feel welcomed.

It’s not that unfamiliar though, it was Miki’s school too.

Later Miki notices that Yuki is talking to herself and also to someone she calls ‘Megu-nee’.

By now, we already know who Megu-nee is, but what we didn’t know is that she is dead.
Miki is having a hard time to understand Yuki, but she is willing to try, because now she’s not alone anymore.

She is in our hearts.



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